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cats vs dogs


It seems that many of us have a definite tendency to be either “cat people” or “dog people” – often people who grew up with one species find it difficult to envisage owning the other. For that reason alone, many people who would like to have a dog but don’t feel they can in their current situation would not even consider getting a cat instead.

Often it’s only when a person ends up living with a cat, perhaps because it belongs to another person in the household, that they come to realise what fantastic pets cats can be – friendly, responsive and fun.

Cats can be a great pet choice for people with limited space and busy lifestyles. They don’t have the exercise requirements of a dog and they are very quiet and clean. Anyone who wants a pet but works long hours and spends little time at home should consider a cat or kitten. They are low maintenance and generally happy to be left alone and indoors.

Talk to friends or family members who own cats or maybe offer to house-sit for a cat owner when they go away. Perhaps visit a welfare shelter and spend some time with the kittens and cats – interacting with them may help you decide if you fi  nd their companionship appealing. For people with children, a cat or kitten can be a great addition to the family. Cats can be very interactive with children and they offer the opportunity for children to care for another living being.

two cats can be better than one

If your pet of choice is a cat, you may want to consider keeping two cats rather than one. Two cats will provide each other with constant companionship, without necessarily requiring much additional care and management. You do need to be prepared to cover extra costs such as veterinary bills. It’s also much easier if you decide on two cats from the start and they come into the house at the same time.

If you adopt two kittens, you’ll find they amuse each other with play and are less likely to become bored and mischievous than a solitary kitten. Kittens that are littermates will already be used to each other and likely to get along well. You may even be able to find two older cats that are looking for a home together. Occasionally people will need to re-house cats that have been accustomed to living together for a long period of time, and often they will have a preference for the cats to stay together.

the truth about cats and dogs

While it’s relatively easy to provide extra companionship by keeping two cats, dog owners are faced with a slightly more difficult situation. It’s entirely reasonable that working owners should feel some concern for how their dogs will cope with being left alone for over eight hours per day. Dogs are not solitary animals – they enjoy companionship, both human and animal. Although some breeds and individual dogs seem to cope better at being alone than others, generally speaking dogs are very social.

Keeping two dogs in a limited space may not be a sensible solution to the companionship issue – two dogs can place heavy demands on time, budget and space. An alternative is to consider raising a puppy andkitten together.

Potential pet owners might think it is difficult to keep the peace in a household with a cat and dog, but dogs and cats can live together happily and become great companions, especially if they are acquired at the same time. The younger dogs and cats are when they are first introduced the better, because then they have the opportunity to grow together and become familiar with each other from the outset.

If you’re considering keeping a cat and dog in the same household, keep in mind that there are some breeds of dogs that aren’t generally recommended as being suitable to be kept with cats.