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crate training


Crate training has been used extensively overseas, and is gaining popularity in Australia as the trend for higher-density living grows. A “crate” is a secure type of cage where a puppy can safely and comfortably be secured.

The purpose of crate training is not to cage or confine your dog, but to provide a den substitute – somewhere that your dog knows she can go, free from disturbances. Crate training can be used effectively to help toilet train a young pup, to provide a “bedroom” for sleeping at night, and asa safe area for your dog when you can’t be there to supervise her. Traditionally, many people have locked puppies out of doors or in the laundry when they can’t be supervised. Crate training can be ideal for those with limited outdoor access. The crate provides an opportunity for the puppy to be secured indoors where she can feel involved in household activities, plus the crate can keep your puppy safe when there’s no one home, limiting the potential for damage from chewing or other destructive behaviours.