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dog breed choices

To a certain extent, the behaviour and characteristics of many purebred dogs can be predicted. However, all dogs are individuals and their behaviour can still vary greatly within the breed.

It can be difficult to determine the exact breeding of some crossbred dogs. Without sighting both parents, making a judgement on the breed may be pure guesswork. Sometimes crossbred dogs will look like a particular breed and behave in a very different way. Viewing a crossbred puppy’s parents can be a great help, not only in confi  rming the breed but also in determining how the puppy might behave when mature and what size it will grow to.

It’s particularly important not to choose a dog on the basis of appearance or because you saw it in a movie – a dog’s appearance can be deceiving and the behaviour depicted in movies can be far removed from how they behave in real life!

Consider the key aspects of your lifestyle and the characteristics of various dog breeds before making a final decision. And finally, while you want a dog that meets your needs, you also need to ask yourself: can you meet the dog’s needs? Dogs are social, living creatures that deserve to be cared for and loved by responsible owners. They need all the obvious things like food and shelter, but importantly they also need companionship.