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Dr Kersti Seksel - Veterinary Behaviourist

Living with a pet can be a very rewarding experience but it also has its challenges. Moving house is stressful for everyone, including your pet. So thinking about how you can make the move less stressful and planning in advance is important. In some cases it is better to have your pet boarded during the move and only move them in when everyone is settled and the familiar furniture is unpacked. That way they will not get in the way and you do not have to worry about them while you are unpacking and getting things organised.

Moving to a smaller space is not necessarily a bad thing. Space in itself is not the most important thing; it is what is available in that space (to exercise mind as well as body) and the ability to use it that enriches a pet’s life. Additionally, the space has to be safe and secure from your perspective as well as the pet’s perspective, so that everyone has peace of mind.

Kersti Seksel
Kersti Seksel & Indi