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how to have fun with your pet



When people and pets do things together it’s great news all round. It helps people learn to communicate more effectively with their pet and also gives animals the opportunity to learn good manners, provides exercise in a fun way and reduces boredom, which make pets easier to live with. Living in smaller spaces and in higher densities increases the need for owners to get out and about with their dogs, plus outdoor activities also help owners network with each other. There are so many activities you can share, a wide variety of sports, games and plain fun times.


helping people


Volunteering your time can be a very rewarding activity and it’s even better to do it with your pet! Have you considered training your dog and volunteering to help provide animal-assisted therapy in hospitals and other institutions? The joy and therapeutic benefit that you and your dog can bring to those in care – from the very young to frail elderly nursing-home residents – is enormous.

Delta Society Australia currently has over 700 Therapy Dogs (trained volunteers and their Delta-accredited pet dogs) visiting children’s and adult hospitals, nursing homes, hostels, rehabilitation centres, mental health units, hospices, children with special needs and disabled residents in supported care every week.

A number of organisations provide volunteers for clients in need of dog walking, a ride for pets to the vet and animal care for owners requiring a stay in hospitals.

Bow Meow
in Sydney and Petlinks in Melbourne assist people in need of such services.

Pets of Older Persons (POOPS) is run by the RSPCA and enables the elderly and their animal companions to remain healthy and happy in their homes by assisting with the routine care of pets.