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moving a dog from a country home to the inner city

moving a dog from country to city

Sue bought her Australian Cattle Dog, Hannah, when she lived in Toowoomba in Queensland. Two years later she relocated to Albert Park in inner-suburban Melbourne and Hannah had to learn to live in a small terrace house with a tiny backyard.

“I bought Hannah as a puppy from a farm in Queensland and for the first couple of years we lived in a home with a large, well-fenced garden in Toowoomba. A work transfer resulted in a move to Melbourne and we ended up buying a terrace house. I knew it was going to be a shock for Hannah going from a huge yard to a tiny courtyard,” said Sue.

Cattle Dogs are well known for their high energy levels, and Sue was aware that becoming an inner-city canine moving a dog from a country home to the inner city was likely to present some challenges for both dog and owner. “I started to walk Hannah more frequently and kept her indoors more often prior to the move,” says Sue. “I was also aware that exercise alone wouldn’t be enough and that Hannah would require extra mental stimulation to avoid becoming bored.

“Once we moved to Melbourne I made a point of taking Hannah with me wherever I went, whenever I could. She visited friends with me, came to the shops – basically, at every opportunity, I would have her with me. Whenever I was home I allowed her to be indoors with me and she also slept indoors. In this way I provided her with as much companionship and stimulation as possible.”It was fortunate that Sue liked walking and was happy to spend over an hour a day walking with Hannah. “We never really had any problems. I was aware of my dog’s needs and I was prepared to modify my lifestyle to help meet those needs,” says Sue.

A couple of years later Sue moved to inner-suburban Sydney, and the transition was fine. In fact, Hannah became used to living almost entirely indoors. “It’s really about thinking things through and being aware of the changes you might have to make,” comments Sue. “I could leave Hannah all day while I was at work; as long as she had a walk and a toilet opportunity before and after work, she’d stay happily in the house all day. Accidents and destructive behaviour were an absolute rarity.”

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