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one dog, two cats and no backyard

Case Study Beau

Craig lives in a three-storey apartment in inner-suburban Sydney. He shares his home with Golden Retriever, Beau and two cats, Tieger and Missy. Despite having very limited outdoor space, he manages to keep his three pets comfortably in his elegant home.

“I haven’t experienced any major difficulties keeping pets in a smaller outdoor space and so close to the city,” reports Craig. “I already had Tieger and Beau when I moved here and they were used to being city pets, so I simply modified our surroundings to help accommodate their needs. Missy the kitten is a more recent addition and she’s settled in really well.”

The apartment already had a tiled outdoor terrace over which Craig built a suspended timber deck. The terrace has a tap and hose which help make it easy to keep clean. There is also a rear verandah that’s been enclosed with louvres, providing an indoor/outdoor area where the cats can be contained. Craig removed the original timber strip flooring and polished the concrete slab providing a beautiful, practical floor surface that stands up well to the dog and cats.

“This area is surrounded by large, dog-friendly parks making it easy to start each day by taking Beau for a walk or run. I work full-time so I ensure the pets have the run of the house and plenty of toys and activities to stimulate them when I’m not home,” says Craig. “The pets help make my apartment feel like a home and I wouldn’t be without them.”

Golden Retrievers are a large and quite energetic breed, but Craig was aware of that fact and was well prepared for the effort he’d need to make to manage that particular type of dog. Not having a backyard means Craig spends plenty of time at the park exercising with Beau – something he sees as a benefit.

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