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pets permitted - good returns for investors


Gerry and Chris Lewis are the managers of Caribbean Apartments on Kawana Island on the Queensland Sunshine Coast. The developers chose to include a Pets Permitted clause for the upmarket apartment complex and it’s proven to be a huge success. Most of the owners are investors who live all over Australia and, as the Resident Managers, Gerry and Chris have permission from most owners to accept applications from prospective tenants who have pets.

Several of the 63 units on its four levels are home to pets. “We’ve been up and running for approximately 18 months and have quite a few good-quality tenants who have small pets such as a dog, cat, goldfish or birds,” says Gerry. “The apartments each have an enclosed, secure front entry and expansive balconies, and they face a beautiful park area with 10 kilometres of walking/bike tracks around a stunning waterway for both tenants and their pets to exercise. When people find out this is a pet-friendly complex they are delighted.”

The managers try to meet every four-legged tenant personally and their owners must go through the normal channels of inspection: application, reference checks etc. They also submit a pet résumé and sign a Pet Rental Agreement which binds them to being responsible for their pet’s behaviour and any damage they might cause. “Several dogs and cats presently call the Caribbean Apartments home and there has not been a single problem since the complex opened,” says Gerry.

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