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There is no doubt that the availability of good products and services makes owning a pet in the city much easier. The following is some information on a range of products and services we think you might want to know more about.

boredom busters

Dogs love toys and, if bored, they can turn furniture or clothing into toys. Keep your dog busy with toys that stimulate their mind and body, and make mealtime into a game with toys that they have to work at to get their food. If you want to really make your dog work for his meal, throw a handful of kibble around the room – your dog will happily hunt down every last bit.

Cats have amazing capabilities and even though one of their favourite occupations is snoozing, they love a challenge and need toys that give them the opportunity to play. There are plenty of toys designed just for cats but you may find that a paper bag or a ball of wool is just as much of a favourite as some of the more expensive options. A scratching post for your cat is essential if you don’t want your furniture or curtains to suffer. It should be tall enough for your cat to fully stretch and have a large heavy base so it can’t tip over.

Remember that not all toys are pet-friendly, even those that are intended for our four-legged friends. Avoid any toy that could possibly injure your pet, particularly if you will not be present when it is being played with. Risks to look out for include choking hazards from small parts of toys, or sticks and sharp edges that could damage your pet’s mouth.

Both dogs and cats love variety so change your pet’s toys regularly and join in the fun by playing with your pet and his toys. This way, you’ll both learn new tricks!


time for bed


We all appreciate a soft spot to sleep at night, although in different parts of Australia the bed may need to be warm or cool depending on the outside temperature. Fortunately, there are pet beds that are heated as well as cooled. Older pets with stiff joints will particularly appreciate a warm bed.

Beds should be machine washable and resistant to mites and fleas. Avoid beds filled with polystyrene beads and ones that have buttons or eyelets as these can be a risk to your pet.




Puppy toilet training can be much easier with absorbent pads that are placed in the area you want your puppy to toilet. There are sprays that will attract your puppy to the spot, as well as odour eliminators that can be sprayed if there is an accident on a rug or carpet. Many dogs can be trained to use an indoor loo if they do not have access to outdoor areas, or you may prefer them to use a pet loo outside if you have a small outdoor area. If a pet loo is outside, try to keep it in an undercover area. Your dog will be more inclined to use it and the collection container will not overflow if it rains. You will also need an area to drain and clean your pet loo. Cat litter trays come in all shapes and sizes, and there are even products that can help you train your cat to use the toilet, if the idea appeals to you!


pet insurance

No one likes to think of their pet being sick or requiring surgery, but it does happen and pet insurance will mean you have one less thing to worry about. Shop around, as there are many different options and it is important to know what is or isn’t included.