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progressive pet-friendly developments are fast becoming a model for others

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With more than 2,600 people living on approximately 12 hectares, a new residential community created by Vivas Lend Lease at Pyrmont Point in Sydney has become one of Australia’s largest pet-friendly, waterfront developments. Jacksons Landing utilises practical, clever and attractive design solutions to cater to both pet and non-pet owners.

Almost 200 dogs live at the development, which boasts plenty of open parkland and special doggy-do bins. Residents have even formed a group called the ‘Pyrmont Pooch Party’ which meets regularly to hold parties for their pets and owners in one of the estate’s harbourfront parklands. Some people who have moved to the Pyrmont Peninsula development found the lifestyle so appealing that they became the happy owner of their first dog.

“The great cities of the world have pet-friendly apartments, and we have followed their example,” said Hugh Martin, the Executive Director of Vivas Lend Lease. The pet-friendly approach has been a great success, and is fast becoming a model for other residential developments.

The developers have ensured their apartments and open spaces are pet-friendly by having:

• Large safe balconies
• Good insulation and soundproofing
• Floor-to-ceiling windows so pets can also enjoy
  the view.

The residential community has been taking shape for the past 12 years and has regular campaigns devoted to attracting residents with pets, including lavish Dog’s Breakfast events. An estimated 1,800 dogs and their owners attended each of these two free events, which featured vets, trainers and animal organisations, pet fashion shows, dog sports, contests plus many stalls and demonstrations.

“The Dog’s Breakfast events are a practical way of showing dog owners that our residential community is a great, pet-friendly place to live with plenty of space to exercise animals and enjoy the lifestyle,” says Hugh. “Being pet-friendly certainly adds to the appeal and has helped convince many people to buy here. We also believe our pet-friendly policies and features increase the value of the apartments when it comes time for  vendors to sell.”

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