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the real cost of keeping dogs and cats

When you crunch the numbers, dogs and cats are relatively inexpensive. According to a study commissioned by the Australian Companion Animal Council, the average cost of owning a dog per annum was $1,056 (just over $20 per week). Cats were even less expensive, at around $602 per annum (just over $11 per week). The majority of expenses related to food and veterinary care, followed by pet-care products and equipment and non-veterinary services such as grooming and training.

Australian pet owners are increasingly insuring their pets against accidents and emergencies so that unexpected veterinary bills are almost completely covered. Many policies offer rebates for routine health procedures, such as annual vaccinations.

Other ways to minimise animal-related expenses include choosing the appropriate pet for your household and lifestyle; keeping up to date with routine veterinary care such as vaccination and worming; and ensuring your pet is desexed.