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Sami Lukis and Lolli

Sammi & Luki

Lolli is well known around Australia as the famous face of Comfortis flea control tablets

Sami Lukis, co-host of Sydney’s Triple M breakfast program, says that her Bichoodle “Lolli” was really meant to be a Staffie, but when she first saw the little Bichon x Toy Poodle there was no going back. “When I was ready to become a dog owner I was actually looking for a Staffie but I felt an instant bond the moment I saw Lolli. I never imagined I’d end up with a white fluff-ball but it was love at first sight and she has turned out to be the perfect dog for me.”


Sami says that she was aware of the need to create an environment that would allow Lolli to be a happy and healthy dog. “Lolli has always been an apartment dog. Toilet training was the most difficult issue for us, but she’s now fully trained. She has a trusty pet loo on the balcony, and I make sure I take her outside to the same patch of grass a few times a day. I also make sure I walk her at least once a day (usually twice).” Socialisation was an important early part of the relationship for Sami and Lolli.


“I can’t understand why anyone would buy a dog, and then just leave it sitting alone in an apartment, or yard, all day long. It’s cruel, and unnecessary. “I made sure she was well socialised, and I take every opportunity to take her with me to appointments, meetings and social catch-ups with friends. Luckily, my bank, hairdresser and even the local cafes are all dog-friendly. People now comment regularly about what a well behaved dog she is, in public situations.


“I’m also lucky that I have a job where I can often be home by 10 or 11am, so I probably get the chance to spend more time with her than most dog owners. “I had several one-on-one dog training classes which gave me some valuable tips about establishing important guidelines – to ensure a happy, healthy relationship – and to make sure Lolli could be the happiest, healthiest dog possible. I also take her to doggy day care once or twice a week – so she can socialise with other dogs.


“I love being Lolli’s owner; she gives me unconditional love and companionship. She’s my best mate, and I simply can’t imagine life without her. She makes me laugh out loud every single day. I only hope I makeher as happy as she makes me!"

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