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doggy day care


If your dog spends a lot of time home alone, a good option to break up the week is to send him to doggy day care where he can socialise with other dogs and people, exercise and play as well as undertake training or assessment.


dog walking and other support


There are people that provide individual or group dog-walking sessions, so if you feel your dog would benefit from a walk while you are at work, check what options are available in your area. Check on whether the walker has insurance, is trained in pet first aid and has an up to date police check. There are several professional associations for pet minders and walkers; members are bound by a professional ethical code.


Other services that may be available include groomers that come to you or people who will take your pet to the vet. Some councils maintain volunteer networks.




Grooming services include everything from a basic wash to mani/pedis or even fur colouring; although dogs generally prefer to keep things fairly natural. Look for an accredited member of the Pet Industry Association of Australia and ask them about the techniques they use before selecting a groomer.


Many pets can be groomed at home quite easily. Specialised brushes for both dogs and cats will make a real difference to the amount of hair in your house. Your vet can show you how to clip dog and cat claws, and speciality clippers make the job easy.


travelling with pets


There are many places where you can enjoy a holiday with your pet, especially your dog. A simple search online will uncover everything from luxury inner-city options to camping in the great outdoors.


There are a range of portable accessories for your pet that will help make travelling easier, including carry cages, seat belts, dog crates that can be used for sleeping in overnight, folding bowls, walking belts that hold all the essentials, special leads and harnesses for running or biking with your dog and, of course, the indispensible doggy bag dispenser for picking up poo.


pet sitting and boarding


If your pet isn’t the travelling type, there are plenty of services that will care for your pet in your absence. Pet and house sitters, at-home minding services, boarding kennels and catteries are all options to consider.