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tips for choosing a cat to suit your lifestyle

What sort of household do you have? If everyone in the house is out during the day at school or work, it may be a good idea to have two cats as they can  help keep each other company.

Where will your cat live? Will your cat be kept only indoors or allowed out at times? If your cat will be  kept entirely or mostly indoors, it’s a good idea to  select a breed or an individual that’s calm and not  very active.

What sort of cat do you want? Cats come in a range of sizes, coat types and personalities. You should consider your preferred build, coat and nature. Breeds and individuals range from small boned to large in size, short or curly coated through to longhair, and gentle through to playful or independent. Coat length is particularly important, as this will affect the impact of shedding in your home and determine how much grooming you will have to do.

There is a cat to suit every household, so do your research on the different breeds and don’t forget to consider a moggie from a good home. A good  place to start is the Selectapet information.