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tips for creating a pet-friendly space

It doesn’t take a lot of thought and effort to turn any dwelling into a pet-friendly space:

Provide a safe play-space, preferably away from fragile ornaments, where your pet can play with toys and treat balls. Plenty of pet and furniture stores stock attractive storage containers for stowing pet toys.

Provide bedding in several locations so that your pet can change position through the day.

Create an indoor garden for cats. This may be as simple as providing several potted plants (catnip and cat grass are the most popular). It’s a good idea to put a placemat beneath in case your cats tip the plants over in their enthusiasm.

Some animals appreciate a vantage point close to a window, although dogs with territorial issues should be monitored, as window views can provide too many cues for barking.

Provide climbing furniture and scratching posts for cats. Pet stores and veterinary hospitals stock a range of fantastic feline furniture that provide cats with hours of fun.

Consider enclosing your balcony with a screen so that your animal can have free access in your absence.

Maximise incidental distractions. If your cat is transfixed by your tropical fish tank, ensure he or she can comfortably view the tank through the day – just make sure the tank is covered so that your cat doesn’t act on its desires.

Avoid leaving dogs unsupervised with bones due to choking hazard.