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tips for exercising your dog

The easiest way to exercise your dog in an urban environment is to walk the dog on a lead regularly. In addition, your council can provide information about designated off-leash areas where your dog can run free and interact with other dogs.


If you plan to use an off-leash area, be sure your dog will return to you when called. Dogs are still required to be under the effective control of their owner when off-leash in designated areas.


Dogs love to accompany owners on trips out of town, which often provide opportunities to run around.


Another popular way to exercise dogs is to organise play-dates with other dogs that your pets get along with. On-line pet networks allow dog owners to make contact with other dog owners in the area to organise walking buddies and playmates.


Dog-walking services are available for time-poor owners who can’t walk their dog regularly. Professional associations for pet service providers and dog walkers can help you find an appropriate service provider in your area. Alternatively an internet search should provide details of dog walkers in your area. Do your homework to ensure they are reputable – ask for references.


Providing dog-proof toys not only enriches your dog’s environment, but also provides another form of exercise when you’re not around – as long as your dog actually plays with the toys. Pet stores and many veterinary clinics stock a huge range of innovative, engaging toys to keep your dog busy for hours on end.