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tips to help you gain approval to keep pets in rental accommodation


  • Raise the subject of pets in person with the owner or the managing agent if possible. Presenting information about you and your pet will have more impact if it’s done face to face.
  • Prepare a pet résumé. Include a de-sexing certificate, vaccination certificate, any dog training certificates and, most importantly, written references from past landlords. If you haven’t previously rented with your pet, obtain a reference from a neighbour, your vet, a dog trainer or other animal professional. In addition, mention anything about your pet’s age, activity levels or character traits which will help reinforce that they will be a good tenant. Click here for a resume template from
  • Offer to sign a pet agreement, clearly defining the behaviour and responsibilities appropriate to the rental premises. Click here for a sample rental agreement from
  • Ensure you’re aware of any special by-laws relating to pet ownership if you’re going to be a tenant in a strata development.
  • Potentially meet with the owner or managing agent to enable you to introduce your pet and prove that they are responsibly cared for and obedient.