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tips to help you modify your pet's toilet training


 If you’re moving to a home where your pet won’t be able to take herself outside to toilet, start to impose this restriction on your pet in your current home. If your cat is not used to using a litter tray you should accustom her to this prior to the move. Similarly, every time your dog needs to go to the toilet, put her on a lead and take her outside for a quick walk until she relieves herself (making sure you always have poo bags with you). Your dog will soon get used to the idea that she has to leave the premises to go to the toilet. You can start with more frequent outings and gradually reduce the number of opportunities you give your dog. Most healthy adult dogs can be restricted to two or three toilet opportunities a day.

tips to help you modify your pet's toilet training

  • Create a clear toileting routine for your dog – most dogs feel safe and secure if they have a familiar pattern of events to follow. You can typically take your dog for a walk fi rst thing in the morning, then again when you get home from work and again before you go to bed. Again, start doing this before you make the move.

  • Dog toilets are a recent innovation for inner-city pet owners. They can be useful for apartments with balconies or homes with restricted outdoor access. If you’re planning to use one of these products, train your dog to be accustomed to using it before you make the move.

  • If your cat will be restricted to indoors, it’s essential she learns to use a kitty litter tray. To accustom your cat to using a litter tray, start by providing several litter trays. Try different types of litter until you find one she is happy to use. If your cat is still reluctant to use the tray, you can also try starting off with a mix of 90% soil and 10% commercial litter until she starts using the tray, then gradually increase it until it’s entirely commercial litter.

  • If you have more than one cat, ensure you provide one litter tray per cat. Clean the litter tray daily. Litter trays need to be 1½ times the size of the cat. Reward the cat for using the tray.