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tips to reduce the impact of shedding

Research found that 27% of owners reported hair shedding as a common problem associated with keeping pets in high-density housing. This suggests that shedding may be a disincentive for living with pets in the city. The most common coping strategy was regular brushing, but there are plenty of ways to minimise the impact of hair shedding in a small living space. In the indoor pets – a hairy consideration section we provide more information on the dog and cat breeds that are likely to shed the least amount of hair.


All dogs and cats shed hair – some more than others.


Selecting a short-haired breed may reduce the overall volume of shedding.


Brush and comb pets regularly to remove loose fur that will otherwise be shed.


Have long-haired pets groomed regularly to keep their coats trim.


Vacuum regularly to remove hair from your living space.


Use a sticky lint roller to remove fur from clothing.


Keep pets off furniture.


Use washable covers or throw-rugs to prevent fur accumulation on favourite furniture.


Wash pet bedding and towels separately and regularly.


Restrict pets to areas in your property with hard-surface flooring, such as tiles and floorboards for ease of cleaning.


Your pet should receive regular veterinary attention. Animals suffering from flea infestation and other skin disease may shed more and are more likely to experience secondary problems such as dandruff.